“Throwing new light on familiar waters”

Dale Berning Sawa for Photomonitor

These 6 Cordyline Australis (cabbage palms) on West Parade were shot on various lenses each month for a year (July 2017 - June 2018).

Taking the images was my meditation, my fix, my monthly puzzle. A Wabi Sabi of Photography.

A live arts project captured in photographs. The act of taking the images became more important than the result. Air | texture | senses | contemplation| space to breath. A little pilgrimage. The palms become our gods. The apparatus secondary. #PostPhotography

First shown at Holborn library as part of Morley College tutors “Questions of Worth” exhibition, the month of July was invited to “Seaside: Photographed” a seizmic group show curated by Val Williams & Karen Shepherdson. It premiered at Turner Contemporary then toured throughout the pandemic (2020-2021): firstly to John Hansard Gallery (Southhampton), followed by Newlyn Art Gallery (Cornwall) and finally Grundy Art Gallery (Blackpool). An installation shot is available here.

A playlist was put together by Turner Sims Concert Hall Manager Kevin Appleby: https://www.turnersims.co.uk/news/seaside-photographed-a-musical-response.

The palms were selected to feature as chapter cover in the Seaside:Photographed book published by Thames & Hudson. Some further reflections on the work were published in Volume 13: Photography&Culture magazine.

Another small extract of the work was showcased at Artists Atlantica, Fotonoviembre 2019, Tenerife | Spain. It was exhibited almost next to the ancient El Drago tree (said to be 1000 years old but certainly one of the oldest and largest living specimen of Dracaena draco) - meaningfully juxtaposed.

Since carrying out the work I was awarded the Woodland Trust “Urban Trees” pack and selected trees have been planted across the town of Worthing as a legacy of the project.

Over the next years, community engagement will continue to bring life to the project, fostering well-being through art and tress. The aim of the project is to create a long term body of work encompassing routine, mindfulness, community and play.


All images © Julia Horbaschk - strictly no re-use without permission. Please contact me for enquiries.

Worthing Palms June. NE 8. Scattered clouds. 73%, 17°C, feels like 17°C.

Worthing Palms May. No data. 

Worthing Palms April. WNW 11. Passing Clouds. 85%. 8° feels like 5°

Worthing Palms March. ESE 2. Good. Chance of rain 14%. 8°

Worthing palms. February. NE 15. Very Good. 49%. 3° feels like -1°

Worthing palms. January. Moderate. W 5. 95%. 7°

Worthing palms. December. Very good. N 5. 84%. 4°

Worthing palms. November. Very good. SSW 7. 62%. 7°

Worthing palms. October. SSE 6. fog. 94%. 12°

Worthing palms. September. SSE 4. Moderate. 79%. 14°

Worthing palms. August. SSW 10. Very Good. 64%. 17°

Worthing palms. July. SSW 8. Good. 72%. 16°


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In October 2020 the Palms disappeared over night causing a public outcry. Tributes were left at the scene and my photos/observations made the local news.

A few weeks later Worthing Councils Parks Department replanted small new trees of the same species. Follow the palms: #WorthingPalms:


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