31 mornings

(phone calls with my mother Sylvia Sobeck, during Covid19, November/December 2020)

Fange den Tag von heute nicht mit den Scherben von gestern an”  
Don’t start today with the broken glass of yesterday” (Phil Bosman)

1. “Ich lebe also lohnt es” (Mum 13/11/2020).
“Was hilft aller Sonnenaufgang wenn wir nicht aufstehen” - G.C. Lichtenberg
You can’t see what happens today if you don’t get up to see it. Wiggle your feet and hands. Drink half your breakfast tea at home then fill into a flask and take it outside. 
2. “Es lohnt sich aufzustehen um Dich zu hoeren, denn die Welt waere aermer ohne Dich“ (Mum 14/11/2020) Pat your animal, friend, loved one. Imagine the nicest thing in the kitchen then go and eat it.
Breath deeply- if you have a balcony or outside area step out and breat in. Wash your face with cold water.

3. Wake up Body Scan
Der erste Vogel erwischt den Wurm - aber die zweite Maus kriegt den Kaese (Willy Meurer) (und fuer den ersten Wurm siehts auch Scheisse aus). Take your time in getting up- set your alarm early so you have time.
What literature have you got about mornings or waking up?

4. Poem: Erwachen by Sonja Gruber
Heute ist es sanft, Dein Glanz scheint matt, so fein der Tag
Gib leise Acht, sei zart bedacht, die Nacht schwingt nach
Wink fort den Schlaf, hab dank dem Tag, der Wachen wagt.

5. Count down from 20 and imagine warm sunrays filling your body
Think a few days ahead- anything good or important coming up? Get your mind shifted towards this - it could be a yoga class or a vet appointment. Wash your face with warm then cold water. Get dressed. Read poem to Mum (15/11/2020): Gustav Schüler “Wach auf”
Mum thinking of Maulwurf and Cats and what they do. Get out for 10 mins breeze of fresh air.

6. Let your foot hang over the bedside and move after it bit by bit.
Turn on a light. Get a quick task done e.g. pick up something from the  corner shop, pharmacy pet store.
Post your morning worries onto a forum to get input and replies. Get morning tips from others

7. Try a podcast - motivational morning type
Can’t push away sadness - sometimes we just need to let it be, allow it, it’s part of our essence. Acknowledge what it is and call a family member to talk about it. Today mum has seen the tree cry outside her house- liquid runs out of it. Imagine the tree and it’s roots. Feel rooted. Go to bed early. Check poem: “Der Morgen ist meine Freude” Joseph von Eichendorff?? A bit crap - find a good morning poem...

8. If you don’t get up you can’t see the world.
Find a new place to see the sunrise. Set your alarm 30 mins before sunrise and drive up into your local hills. If weather is bad try the 10 min “Great Meditaions”- “Morning Positive Energy Bodyscan” On Youtube. This will fill you with sunshine!

9. Rub the soles of your fee together, clench your bum cheeks and let go, repeat. Give yourself a hug.
Choose some nice colourful clothes today.

10. Morgenandacht, Morgendämmerung, Morgenröthe. “Morgendstund hat Gold im Mund” (ich mag aber lieber Silber oder Kupfer). Think of words associated with “morning”.

11. Check out song on Youtube: “Seeeds, Aufwachen” or Bill Withers

12. Durch die trueben Wolken leuchten.” (Mum 23/11/2020) Under the clouds the sun continues to shine. Remind yourself that nothing is always bad, things change, clouds lift.

13. “Feel connected to the earth so it gives your grounding” (Mum 24/11/2020). Make a call to family outside. A ship on the horizon. “Ein Schiff wird kommen...” (somtehing good will come your way...).

14. “Frisch in den Tag mit Zuversicht und Moral.” (Mum 25/11/2020)

15. “Zaertlichkeit zu Mensch und Dingen.” Zartheit zugeneigt sein und sich selbst gegenueber. Hinnehmen wenn Dinge nicht so sind wie man will....

16. “Concentration” - have 5 mins with a candle to stay calm for the day.

17. “Importance of Rituals” Marina Abramović - slowing it down

18. Love yourself -no one is complete

19. Just be. Things will come your way. Think of warmth, hug yourself. Wash your face with warm water.
If you need an answer- take a Tarot card: http://www.rider-waite.com

20. Zuversicht - Hoffnung (2/12/20). trotz Schwierigkeiten gibt es immerwieder Ueberraschungen und Chancen. Have a LARGE cup of tea today and drink it slowly. Covid vaccine was approved in UK today!

21. Ortheil (”Was ich liebe und was nicht”) Jeden Tage darf man neu anfangen wenn man will. Sich verzeihen fuer irgendwelche Fehler in the Vergangenheit. Frei sein. Self Worth. Selbstwert aufbauen. Ted Article: https://ideas.ted.com/how-to-cultivate-a-sense-of-unconditional-self-worth/ or “The Power of Now”

22. Have breakfast in bed

23. Don’t think just roll out of bed

24. 2 candles. Be grateful to somone who loves you. Give yourself a hug.

25. Be grateful to your mum- call her if you can to tell her. What do you need to build up some strength? Feel the strength building up inside you. After that just focus on yourself and this very moment.

26. Love is in the air. Walk and fresh air. set your alarm 30 mins earlier to have time to wake up.

27. Break up the routine. Go down the stairs backwards. Plan a trip to somewhere you have not been before.

28. Visualise your way to the kitchen. Get up and make your bed immediately to not be tempted to get back in. Plan something for after work even it’s just a bath.

29. Put on the radio and sing or dance with it.

30. “Umwege vs Abstecher”. Discuss two similar words with a friend. What do they mean to you?

31. Breath into/ through any pain to clear your head. Read “Beginnende Tage”: https://herzhuepfen.com/

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